This is how my clients unlocked their human potential and createD their  success stories. 

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I have been extraordinarily fortunate to work with Britta Lorenz as my coach. Her straightforward, clear and pragmatic approach provided me with an opportunity for meaningful reflection– on what has worked and what has gotten in the way of aligning my professional and personal purpose. She has a wonderful balanced ability with thoughtful insights, sensing when to pause and when to push in a way that is effective and productive while simultaneously kind and generous, providing a fantastic experience of supportive partnership. If you have the opportunity–working with her is a gift to yourself, those you work with and live with. 

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Britta is my hero for so many reasons. One of them is that she builds successful and productive relationships across geographies in a seemingly disconnected world. 
She is always inspiring me to consider new perspectives and lifts everyone up around her.
I love her talk about closing the gap between technology and humans. 

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Coaching with purpose – that is what Britta does!

She is simply making you to give yourself feedback instead of her giving it to you by asking more (and even uncomfortable) questions – that is the magic of coaching.

Britta laid the foundation to trigger my thinking more goal orientated without focusing too much on the solution, but the way towards it. 

And with her warm and welcoming personality she stimulated an open and safe space. 

Look forward to keep working with you, dear Britta! 

And I highly recommend Britta as a business as well as personal coach – as one doesn’t go without the other. 

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Britta was the first person I asked to join my mission and the board of advisors for Trust Enablement.  Britta has proven to be a fantastic thinking partner as we build to meet the future of Enablement.  She translates vision into concrete steps, moving seamlessly between visionary and tactician, and without her involvement, I cannot imagine future success.  Whether you are looking to improve day-to-day business outcomes, reach strategic business goals, or transform the future of your movement, you should reach out to Britta. 

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Britta is amazing! She is able to help you find ways to fortify your thoughts to improve upon yourself and your project. She creates a warm and safe space to delve deep and come up with great ideas. I highly recommend her. 

Britta has a beautiful calm energy that made me feel very relaxed. Her coaching questions made me introspect and reflect on my learnings and insights. Through that, I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs and fears, stress, and anxiety. I am now more joyful and focused on my purpose, vision and mission. Our regular sessions have elevated my confidence with noticeable changes!

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Britta helped me with her warm-hearted presence to navigate through tough times as a leader. She is open, non-judging, listens carefully, and asks the right questions to make you change your own perspective. This always allowed me to find new and original solutions. Or - if there was no solution- she would help me deal with what is better and accept what I can’t change rather than losing too much energy.

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Britta is a wonderful Mentor to me within the PWN Mentoring programme. From the first meeting on she established a relationship of trust that enables deep and meaningful conversations. Considering that we have a fully virtual connection, I think this is really outstanding. Thanks to her experience, skill set and authentic personality, she did not only help me in boiling down my goals to the very core but also set the right impulses I needed to achieve them.

Britta is one of the most inspiring women I know. I turned to her to develop a new strategy for my professional career path after the birth of my first child. With her unique way, she helped me find strength within and see my opportunities. With Britta, I know that I have the best possible mentoring partner by my side. 

Thank you, Britta, for everything: your insights, your trust, and your always critical, on-point questions that help me find the way in difficult situations.

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I had the pleasure to join my first WOL Circle with Britta. We had inspiring 12 weeks and i had the possibility to get to know Britta as a trustworthy and empowering woman with a broad experience in business relations. That was the reason why i asked Britta for Mentoring and Coaching. I couldn't have thought of a more enriching and motivating Mentor & Coach. Thanks to her inspirational questions, hints and positive mindset Britta supports me significantly in achieving my goals. Thank you Britta! 

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