the Next 
Generation of 
modern Leaders

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A modern leader 
effectively aligns actions and business decisions 
with professional and personal core values and beliefs.

Are you ready for a life-changing transformational journey?
Are you ready to improve all aspects of your life by going on your inner work journey?
Are you ready for an inside-out transformation approach that transforms you for good?

are you ready to make a difference
now and in the future?

Your clear path to becoming a modern leader 

SML® (Self-Managing Leadership) program, Oxford Leadership Compass, online coaching, emotinonal intelligence, authenitc

As a modern leader, you will

  • Be CREDIBLE by walking your talk and integrating your purpose in all your actions and interactions.
  • LEARN to lead yourself first before you lead others.
  • Develop EQ and become more intentional in your interactions.
  • Be AUTHENTIC. It all starts INSIDE YOU.
  • Take RESPONSIBILITY to make a difference and let your purpose and values become your North Star that guides your choices, decisions, and action.
purpose, SML, Oxford leadership compass, leadership, oxford leadership, coaching, transformation

Throughout your journey, you will

  • Identify the NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE PATTERNS/habits and behaviors present in your life. 
  • Identify your PURPOSE & Develop your INTERNAL COMPASS.
  • Create a FUTURE VISION.
  • Recognize and plan to OVERCOME BARRIERS that are holding you back.
  • Develop and receive guidance on how to successfully implement your 90-day ACTION PLAN.

program flow

  • 10-step SML® (Self-Managing Leadership) program based on the „Oxford Leadership Compass“ (lifetime access). 
  • Five to seven (5 - 7) 1-1 ONLINE COACHING sessions along your SML®  journey. The coaching sessions last between 60 and 75 minutes and take place remotely. 
  • Recognized CERTIFICATION

Are you ready for your new chapter? 

what customers say

 "Britta is able to help you find ways to fortify your thoughts to improve upon yourself and your project. She creates a warm and safe space to delve deep and come up with great ideas." 

what customers say

 " Her coaching questions made me introspect and reflect on my learnings and insights." 

what customers say

 "With her unique way, she helped me find strength within and see my opportunities."