catalyst session

You desire to grow.
You want to boost your own performance.
You want to gain clarity on who YOU are and thrive.

Although you are motivated and ambitious,  
often it is not so easy to achieve what you strive for.
You have a passion, but you are not able to leverage it to its fullest.

We will partner to unleash the full power of 
YOUR passion to thrive and transform.

Through our session, you will gain new perspectives 
on your challenge and unearth your full potential. 

It all starts INSIDE YOU. 
You have the key to your own success! 

Each coaching session lasts between 60 minutes and takes place remotely. 
For long and lasting impact, a package of 6 -8 sessions is recommended. 

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If you are ready for your next level, I can support your becoming.
Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me today and 
let’s take the first steps on your journey.

what customers say

 "Britta has a wonderful balanced ability with thoughtful insights, sensing when to pause and when to push in a way that is effective and productive while simultaneously kind and generous, providing a fantastic experience of supportive partnership." 

what customers say

 "Coaching with purpose – that is what Britta does!" 

what customers say

 "Whether you are looking to improve day-to-day business outcomes, reach strategic business goals, or transform the future of your movement, you should reach out to Britta."