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Being a leader has always been challenging, even more so in uncertain times. It is about more than knowledge and experience – it's also about adaptability, responsibility, diversity & inclusion, empathy, accountability, authenticity, and communication. Mastering these power skills and understanding yourself and your own goals is vital for successful leadership. Leadership coaching can help you achieve this.

Let's partner for your sustainable change. 

It all starts INSIDE YOU  

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Coaching is about you! 
Are you ready for your next step of development?

What is leadership coaching? 

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As a business coach, I support professionals such as yourself to become better leaders by unlocking their human potential. 

Throughout the entire coaching process, we will always focus on the 3 P's - People, Purpose, and Performance.

Together we uncover your core values, define your unique purpose and help you become a better leader in the workplace to define, form, and shape your next level.

How does leadership coaching work? 

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As a coachee, you are a unique individual with your own personal goals. 

That’s why it is you – the coachee – who defines the goals, both for each individual session and for your overall business coaching journey.


Once those goals are set, we will then work in a safe space, free of judgment where we can talk through the challenges in reaching those goals. 

In a series of one-on-one sessions, we will:


  • embark on a process of self-observation to uncover your core values 
  • define your purpose and align it with your values
  • create a concrete framework for achieving your professional goals


All the coaching methods will be explained as we go, with questions answered in a CLEAR and transparent way.

What can you expect from a leadership coaching session?

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People, Purpose, Performance

Each one-on-one session lasts for 60 minutes. 

You can book a single session or a package of several sessions, whichever works better for you. 

I also offer both in-person coaching and online coaching – or you can mix and match and create a hybrid version of the two!


Want to find out if business coaching is right for you? Book a free 30-minute session and take the first steps on your journey to being a better leader.

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Catalyst Session

Do you struggle to move forward, be a high-performer, get unstuck, unearth your full potential, and become the dream version of yourself?  
This session is for you.

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modern Leadership Coaching

Do you desire to become a modern, purpose-driven leader to make a difference now and in the future? Invest in yourself with this One-to-One Online Coaching program.

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EMPOWERMENT masterclass

Do you understand what drives you to live an engaged and fulfilled life? Explore your core values, beliefs, and purpose and explore how to lead yourself first in the Masterclass,  Empowering Your Next Level from the Inside Out.

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what customers say

 "Britta has a wonderful balanced ability with thoughtful insights, sensing when to pause and when to push in a way that is effective and productive while simultaneously kind and generous, providing a fantastic experience of supportive partnership." 

what customers say

 "Coaching with purpose – that is what Britta does!" 

what customers say

 "Whether you are looking to improve day-to-day business outcomes, reach strategic business goals, or transform the future of your movement, you should reach out to Britta."